Golden monkey wall print

Haijun and his parents went to China’s Qingling Mountains, Shaanxi, in winter, to search for the endangered golden snub-nosed monkey. They found a troop of monkeys drinking from a river, climbing trees, jumping and basking in the sun. ‘They were so beautiful, with their long golden hair and blue faces,’ Haijun says. ‘The young ones played together like mischievous children.’


The monkeys’ main food is lichen, but they also eat fruits, seeds, leaves and bark, and Haijun noticed white marks on tree trunks made by the monkeys gnawing the bark. The camera that Haijun used was so heavy that he had to balance it on his knee to use it. ‘I love the golden snub-nosed monkey,’ he says.

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  • Title: Golden monkey
  • Photographer: Haijun Pei
  • Collection: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010
  • Theme: Mammals
  • Copyright: GOLDEN MONKEY ©Haijun Pei (China) 2010
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