Exposed wall print

Blue skies, white clouds and sunshine – perfect for a stroll along the beach of Ameland Island in the Netherlands, but holding little promise for a photographer. Then Gerard noticed the rocks – placed there to reduce erosion. There was a strong wind, and as he watched the waves smash against the breakwater, he began to think about the contrast between the wind and water and the solidity of the rocks.


A long exposure – he used a tripod with spikes for stability and added pressure to minimise vibration from the wind – eliminated movement in the water but exposed something that he hadn’t noticed when taking the shot: the movement of the clouds. ‘I like the resulting simplicity,’ he says, ‘the different layers and the lack of many colours.’

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  • Title: Exposed
  • Photographer: Gerard Leeuw
  • Collection: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013
  • Theme: Landscapes
  • Copyright: EXPOSED © Gerard Leeuw (The Netherlands) 2013
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