Evolution: The Human Story

Travel back in time with this beautifully illustrated book representing decades of research and discovery, with the spectacular work of renowned paleoartists the Kennis brothers, who bring our ancestors back to life, in startling detail.


A clear and concise history featuring 3D reconstructions of our ancestors, the field's best experts bring together their latest research and visualisations into one amazing study. This is a remarkable look into the past that answers big questions in clear and concise language, combined with the ultimate visual guide to the many paths that got us where we are today.


Charting a rich history of each stage of our evolution, from human anatomy and behaviour to the environment we live in, this book explains how Homo sapiens originated, evolved, then colonised the entire planet.


This is not just a groundbreaking study, it's one that fully and clearly visualises it all with some of the most stunning imagery and graphic design. Probably the most interesting book you'll get in an era.

  • written by Dr. Alice Roberts
  • 256 pages
  • hardback
  • 26.1 x 2.2 x 30.8 cm
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