Bourgery: Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery

The Bourgery Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery is a pioneering text of anatomical studies published in the nineteenth century. This revised treatise is a compendium of knowledge on the structure of the human body.


The four parts of Bourgery’s treatise include general anatomy, embryology, microscopic anatomy and surgical anatomy techniques, with coverage of nearly every major anatomical operation that was performed in the nineteenth century.


A remarkable feat of human ingenuity and effort, Bourgery’s atlas remains one of the most relevant and descriptive texts in anatomy.


Complete with original lithographic illustrations by Nicolas Henri Jacob, it is beautiful as well as informative, and will delight both medical students and the casual reader.

  • by Jean-Marie Le Minor and Henri Sick
  • suitable for adults
  • a milestone in human anatomy
  • anatomically correct
  • 832 pages
  • 14.5x4.8x20.1cm
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