Bermondsey Street Bees Union Raw Honey

Scoop a spoonful of this glorious English artisan honey onto fresh bread, over ice cream and baked peaches or into a fruit tea and feel a buzz. It's light and delicate with notes of wild rose, elderflower, lime and chestnut - flavours that come from honeybees visiting a single source in the Cotswolds, which are then preserved through the cold-filtering process.


London-based Bermondsey Street Bees is a sustainably led beekeeping practice committed to bee welfare, encouraging biodiversity and educating businesses, charities and the government about honeybees - as well as making liquid gold.


Did you know? Honeybees need to fly around 55,000 miles and make four million individual flower visits just to make a single jar of honey. This means, during its entire lifetime, a single bee will collect enough nectar to make one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey. Liquid gold indeed.

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  • 150g jar (packaged weight: 280g) 
  • H5.7cm x D5.5cm x W5.5cm 
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