Ant line wall print

It was the shape of the dried-up, torn leaf that caught Adithya’s eye. It hung from a tree on his farm in the forests of India’s Western Ghats. He spent much of the day photographing the simple, abstract shape, but the results ‘were too abstract and simple,’ he says. ‘So I waited, hoping that an insect, a dragonfly, for example, might land on it.’


In the end, he waited four days. Then, finally, nature obliged. ‘An ant climbed onto the leaf. But it was in such a hurry that I only managed to get four images,’ only two of which worked for him. They worked because, by then, Adithya knew exactly how to achieve the effect he wanted.

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  • Title: Ant line
  • Photographer: Adithya Biloor
  • Collection: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011
  • Theme: Insects
  • Copyright: ANT LINE ©Adithya Biloor (India) 2011
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