Animal: The Definitive Visual Guide

Get this ultimate guide covering creatures on every continent, from mammals to reptiles, birds and fish. Over seventy natural history experts have come together to make sure this book contains the most up-to-date facts and finds for each creature, many of which you'll never have seen before.


With information on habitat, behaviour and diet as well as current conservation status, this book is packed with prize-winning imagery, vital facts at a glance and intriguing descriptions that will have you infatuated for hours. With many pictures from leading wildlife photographers, this is not just an educational piece but a beautiful work of art in one book.


Take the world into your home with this the definitive guide for kids and adults alike.

  • edited by David Burnie
  • 632 pages
  • hardback
  • 26 x 31 x 4cm
  • 3rd edition
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