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Earth's Restless Surface - new edition

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Packed with colour photographs, maps and diagrams, this revised edition of the book shows you how to recognise past events recorded in rocks and considers the challenge of predicting the Earth’s future.

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Earth's Restless Surface - new edition

£ 9.99


How do natural forces erode and sculpt the Earth’s landscape? How are solid rocks worn away and how are they recycled? What influences climate change and what effect does this have on our natural environment? Find out in this revised edition of Earth’s Restless Surface.

This is a great introduction to the changing surface of the Earth, from the solid crust to the waters, atmosphere and living things that interact with it. Using accessible language the book explains how the planet is being constantly remodelled by powerful natural forces such as wind, water and ice. Revisit past landscapes and learn how studying the evidence of past climates is a vital to understand the Earth’s climate system, and how and why change comes about.

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