(a species of owlet moth (Noctuid)) Some caterpillars, after they emerge from their egg, can increase their weight by 25,000 times.

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Animal Records

Animal Records

'Irresistible' – The Times

Get the definitive guide to the most exceptional creatures on Earth, from the strongest and shortest to the longest and laziest.

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Animal Records

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Crammed with thousands of animal facts and feats, Animal Records features world record holders from all the main animal groups including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes and invertebrates.

Written by award-winning writer and broadcaster Mark Carwardine, this is the definitive guide to the most exceptional creatures on Earth.

Fantastic facts

  • Find out how the okapi can lick and clean its own eyes.
  • Discover the tiny cat flea that jumps with acceleration over 20 times that of a space rocket.
  • Elephants can swim for up to six hours and as far as 30 miles without a break.
  • The cross-breasted turtle from Central America is reported to be able to eat its way out of a crocodile!
  • When whales and dolphins open their eyes underwater, special greasy tears protect them from the stinging salt.

Fully revised and updated since the hardback version, Animal Records is packed with all the latest discoveries, over 200 colour photographs and intriguing stories.

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